Breaking free from radio. 

Each Sonim device works seamlessly with Zello to provide instant and reliable Push-to-Talk communication.

Zello’s push-to-talk app, compatible with Sonim's portfolio of rugged devices, delivers unlimited and secure private channels and crystal-clear broadcasts over cell networks and Wi-Fi. With robust features like real-time location tracking, message replay, and Dispatch Hub and Analytics, Zello can offer you so much more than conventional radio.

Join us for a webinar Thursday, April 21st at 12:00pm CST where we’ll introduce you to Sonim’s devices and discuss the following topics:

  • Learn the difference between PTToC and traditional LMR
  • Benefits of using Sonim devices for PTToC
  • Features and benefits of Zello 
  • Rugged accessories that heighten the Zello experience
  • How to install and use Zello on Sonim devices 
  • Cost savings of using Sonim devices and Zello PTToC vs LMR

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Thursday, April 21st 12:00pm CST